Each BellaCakes creation is custom and prices may vary depending on the complexity of each design. Basic pricing information is given below and all servings are based on a 1” x 2” cake slice. Our tiers are typically 4” tall.


10” round (feeds up to 30) starts at $45
12” round (feeds up to 45) starts at $70
14” round (feeds up to 65) starts at $95
12” x 18” half sheet (feeds up to 50) starts at $80
Tiered cakes start at $4.00 per serving.
Cupcakes start at $2.00 each.
Prices may increase based on fruit or mousse fillings, fondant exterior or a more complex exterior decoration.
Delivery of 30 miles is offered for larger orders with a prorated charge of .50/mile for 31 miles and over.

Other cake sizes available. Please inquire as to pricing information.

DF= Dairy-Free, GF=Gluten-Free, V=Vegan

White (also DF)
Yellow (also DF, GF)
Vanilla bean poundcake
Cornmeal poundcake
Red Velvet (also GF)
Graham Cracker
Chocolate Fudge (also DF)
Chocolate Guinness
Chocolate Espresso
Chocolate Torte (GF)- a flourless torte, not a layered cake, available in many flavor combinations.
Vegan Chocolate (V)

Lemon (GF)
Key Lime (GF)
Strawberry (DF, GF, V)
Raspberry (DF, GF, V)
Blueberry (DF, GF, V)
Blackberry (DF, GF, V)
Fig (DF, GF, V)
Cinnamon Apple (DF, GF, V)
Ginger Pear (DF, GF, V)
Peach (DF, GF, V)
Pineapple (DF, GF, V)
Chocolate or Mocha Mousse (GF)
Dark Chocolate Ganache (GF)

White Buttercream (GF)
Custard Buttercream (GF)
Brown Sugar Buttercream (GF)
Egg Nog Buttercream (GF)
Raspberry Buttercream (GF)
Orange Buttercream (GF)
Green Tea Buttercream (GF)
Milk chocolate Buttercream (GF)
Mocha Buttercream (GF)
Bailey’s Buttercream (GF)
Cream Cheese Frosting (GF)
Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting (GF)
Vegan Soy Margarine Frosting (V, GF, DF)
White Chocolate Ganache (GF)
Dark Chocolate Ganache (GF)
White Chocolate Based Fondant (GF)